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Born in St. Petersburg. In 2011 she graduated from the Academy of Russian Ballet (ARB) to them. AJ Vaganova (teacher Lyudmila Kovaleva) and was accepted into the Bolshoi Ballet.

teacher-coach was the actress Marina Kondratieff . Its successes were noted throughout the study repeatedly awarded various scholarships. Continuously participated in the tour ARB - performed at the academy in Japan, Britain, Italy, Lithuania, Hungary, Greece and Portugal. In 2004 took part in a joint concert of the ARB and the School of the Royal Ballet of Great Britain, held in London. He has an extensive repertoire. In particular, sang - Masha in the ballet "The Nutcracker" by Tchaikovsky (choreography by V. Vainonen), Queen of the waters in the movie "The bottom of the sea-ocean" (music by C. Puni, R. Drigo, B. Asafiev) from the ballet "The Little Horse -Horse "(choreography by Alexander Gorsky's version of Yu Boatmen) Seventh Waltz from the ballet" Les Sylphides "(choreography by Fokine), great classical music on the pa DF E Aubert (choreography by V. Gzovsky)," Thais " the music of Jules Massenet (choreography by R. Petit), etc. She put the number "Mazurka" to the music of Chopin (choreography by Vladimir Romanovsky).

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